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Many people call me inquiring about EMDR.

Maybe you heard somewhere that it’s the top-rated therapy for trauma with a huge amount of research behind it, and you’re curious.

Maybe a friend told you how much it helped her.

Well, believe what you’ve heard: EMDR changes lives, whether you’ve experienced a major trauma, or you’re trying to manage the daily stressors we all face.

You might be feeling anxious, worried or sad but you can’t quite put your finger on why. You might have some memories of hard times that tend to pop up at the worst moments.

EMDR is a way to build resilience, say goodbye to old patterns and challenges, and move forward at a speed that often surprises people.

If you’re curious, call and ask me all about it. I’m happy to explain the process and see if it might be a fit for you.

EMDR is non-intrusive and gentle but damn powerful.


I’ve had several years of training and supervision and am certified in EMDR by the EMDR International Association. There are many therapists out there who will tell you they are trained in EMDR but have not earned this credential. I’m proud to bring high-quality EMDR to State College.


I look forward to hearing your story.

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The season of midlife can bring drastic changes in your relationships, your body, and your values. You can learn to navigate this time of life to feel empowered, purposeful, and excited about life again.

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