Therapy Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about therapy floating around.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Therapists never make mistakes

Ha! I love this one! Just ask my husband or my kids or mother…they’ll be happy to list off my mistakes for you, I’m sure!

We’re all in this life thing together. You will never get a hint of judgement from me, because even if we have different circumstances, we certainly have been through all the same feelings, confusions, and setbacks at different times.

2. Therapists have all the answers

Again, ha! And please consult my family.

Therapy isn’t about seeking the right answers from outside yourself. What I have are the tools to help you cut through the noise of your everyday life and go deeper within so that your right answers become more and more clear. I never impose my judgements or advice on clients. You don’t need it! Your inner wisdom is all that matters. I can help you understand what may be holding you back from finding your own answers and together we will work towards finding a better path for you.

3. Therapists can read your mind

Sigh, if only. My work would be so much easier! No, I only know what you’re telling me. That said, it is my job to point out if, for example, you’re looking more uncomfortable than your words would imply, or you’re smiling your way through a sad story.

4. Therapy is depressing

On the contrary, carrying around the heavy weight of grief, loss, confusion, lack of direction, old hurts and trauma—that’s depressing! Therapy is about releasing the weight of all that old stuff so you naturally feel lighter and happier again. After a first session, clients often say they feel a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

5. Therapy is expensive so just talk to friends and family instead

Choosing to invest your hard-earned money in your mental health is probably the most important choice you’ll ever make…because you carry your thoughts and feelings with you everywhere you go, and they dictate the quality of your life! The cost of an unfulfilling life, or living in misery…that’s expensive.

Even if your family members and friends are the world’s greatest listeners, most of us find we can’t be completely open and honest with them. We’re afraid of hurting their feelings, we’re too embarrassed to tell them certain things, and we know they have a stake in our lives and strong opinions about what we do or don’t do. Neutral third-parties who don’t come in contact with your everyday life are the best possible sounding boards.

6. Therapy takes forever

On the contrary, many people feel much better in just a few months. Therapy works when you work it. Showing up weekly, reflecting during the week on what we talked about in session, committing to your own growth: these are the attitudes that bring about change. Therapy is an investment in yourself. You invest time, you invest money, and you invest your mental energy…and real change happens.

If you have a question about therapy and you’re not sure if it’s true or a misconception, call me and ask! I’m happy to answer all your questions about the process.



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