Helping Midlife Women Grow,
Thrive, and Love Their Lives


Midlife Can Feel Overwhelming

Your kids don’t need you as much, but you’re still just as worried about them as ever.

Your parents are aging and seem to need you constantly, and you feel worried and guilty over not doing enough for them.

The empty-ing nest is bringing your marriage problems straight to the surface.

The roles and responsibilities you’ve handled for years are suddenly changing drastically and…hello hot flash!…let’s throw in some major hormonal imbalances while we’re at it, plus the anxiety-brain menopause can bring.

Who wouldn’t feel…overwhelmed?
Anxious and confused about their next direction?

Some loss, some grief, some longing for the kinds of close girlfriends you had in high school and college?

This can be a lonely time that raises big questions for all of us about who we are, what’s next, and what will give the next half of our lives the most meaning.

I get it.
I’ve been there myself,
and I help women wrestling with these same questions every day.

Female Counselor in State College, PA

Feel Excited By Life Again

You can:

  • Reconnect with your intuition
  • Get in touch with your deepest values and dreams, so the next right steps become clear
  • Go from feeling sad, anxious, empty and trapped to feeling empowered, purposeful, and excited about life again
  • Say goodbye to anxiety and depression with a whole new toolkit of ways to manage your mind and your life-challenges

Find Meaning and Connection

I’m Marianne Daugherty, and I’ve been doing this for 23 years.

I know what helps people change deeply and quickly, as opposed to spending money just chatting each week with a less-trained person. Plus… I’m fun! I believe therapy can include humor and feeling great while you work on the harder stuff. Learn more about me…


I know what works and what doesn’t.

Women’s Counseling and Therapy by a female licensed clinical social worker in State College, PA


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The season of midlife can bring drastic changes in your relationships, your body, and your values. You can learn to navigate this time of life to feel empowered, purposeful, and excited about life again.

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